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My Name Is Jeffrey Reed

Currently, I am attending college at Pennsylvania College of Technology for Web & Interactive Media.As of 2020, I know HTML, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and WordPress. What am I best at? Well, good question. 2020: My strong suit is PHP; I write web programs around 90% of the time I do websites. 2022: I've been focused more on perfecting my front-end designs and user experience. Things I wish to improve on, 2020: PHP security and a bit more in graphic design. 2022: Improve SEO and design efficiency to get the website public as quickly as possible. How was I taught? I studied at a technical school, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute "LCTI." I was primarily self-taught since most of the work I did was at home, but my instructor Joe Peregrin was a HUGE help to my learnings. Why do I enjoy this career? I enjoy this career because it's more than a job; it's a passion. I've been doing web design and web programming for ten years now, and I can't get enough of learning and growing with the languages around the web.
Well, that's all for now, have a great day!
~ Jeffrey Reed Jr. 06/22/2022
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My Awards

FBLA States 2016 - Web Design 8th

SkillsUSA States 2017 - Web Design 2nd

Computerfair Regionals 2017 - Web Design 1st

FBLA States 2017 - Coding and Programming 6th

Elmer Gates Enterprise Award 2018

FBLA Districts - Web Design 1st

PA Computer Fair - Web Design 1st

SkillsUSA District 2017 - Web Design 1st

Student Of The Month - December 2017

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute - 2018 FBLA President

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute - 2018 FBLA Secretary

Outstanding Career & Technical Education Senior Award - 2018

SkillsUSA States 2018 - Web Design 3rd

SkillsUSA Districts 2018 - Web Design 1st

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